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WOW you may stop me on FB but not on here!! Free Speech baby!

We Removed Something You Posted

We removed this from Facebook because it violates our Community Standards:
WOW I don’t understand people, my ex husband’s wife called my mother and yelled and screamed at her to stop calling and harassing them and they weren’t going through this hell all over again like we did with Bridget calling every day, there by admitting that I called and proving even further they lied in court, Nobody talks to my momma that way, There will be a day of reckoning, God WILL take care of them. They are trying AGAIN to have my youngest son Joel Christian put in a residential psychiatric hospital. I am not even going to fight it this time because at least if Joel is away from them, he will get to eat and be himself and live without fear of them. What GOD wants WILL happen. You always want to say I am so crazy, and needs meds and don’t deserve my kids, well let me give you hint Crazy people go around killing people who do the things you have done, and even some sane people would too after how you have abused and neglected my children who hate and don’t want. I don’t want you dead, I would rather you be miserable in the mess you created for yourself, and one day God will have his vengeance on you. I ain’t worried about a thing!!! God WILL RESTORE my family even if I have to wait until we have all taken our last breath and meet in Heaven decades and decades from now. I love my Children ALL my Children, and nothing you can do or say will ever change that. I pray for you to find Jesus and for him to change your heart, but I am not going to shed tears for you if your hardened heart condemns you to hell either. You have made a choice to mock God and try to force out my children’s salvation. However GOD judges you is on you. My children belong to Him and he will NOT let you or the devil destroy them. I have Joy in my heart and nothing you can do will ever take the peace that God has replaced the pain you TRIED to cause me with. Please pray for Jeremy Jason Wachter, Amilene Wachter, Noah Dalton and Joel Christian Wachter, and their other three kids Angel(17 yr), and Eli Wachter(8 yr)(Jeremy’s illegitimate children with her before he married her), and Tatum Wertman that they find Jesus and God can enter their hearts and turn thier children’s lives around and that God Will be done! Thank you

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